Bria by Counterpath (iPhone setup instructions)

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Bria iPhone Edition Setup Instructions:

How to Get Started:

1. go to click on Buy Now

2. Open a ticket with Epik Networks to get a softphone account (we will give you a phone number and password)

3. Open iTunes to buy the application and wait for it to install

4. Tap on the Bria App to open it. (Click OK if you see an error message about 3G calling) now tap the + button to set up a new account. Fill in the fields as detailed below, then tap the Save button at the top of the screen:

Account Name: You can use any nickname you would like for your account. Most likely, you'll just want to use the phone number assigned to you, such as 416xxxxxxx

Enabled: slide the button to ON

Incoming Calls: You can leave this on if you want to be able to receive calls on this number. You will most likely want to turn this off when travelling internationally, to avoid unexpected data roaming charges

Display As: Enter the phone number assigned to you by Epik Networks

Username: Enter the phone number assigned to you by Epik Networks

Password: Enter the password assigned to you by Epik Networks

Domain: Enter

VM Number: {3-digit VMail Access Code},{3or4digitextension},,{password}# Example: 555,4001,,13579#

**Note: the voicemail access code and extension should be provided to you by Epik Networks

5. You should be taken back to the Accounts Screen, where you will see your newly created account in the list. Tap the Settings button. Tap User Preferences, then slide the Allow 3G Calls button to ON.

6. Tap the settings button to go back to Preferences. Tap Premium Features. Tap G729 Audio Codec, and tap the price ($8.99) to purchase. You should be prompted for your itunes password, and then receive a message that your purchase was successful.

7. Go back to the Settings menu. Tap Advanced Settings. Scroll down to Audio Codecs Selection. Tap on Cell Audio Codecs. Slid:e all Codecs to off, except for G729a, G711u, and G711a. Do the same for WiFi Audio Codecs. Also under both Wifi Codecs and Cell Audio Codecs, press/hold and drag on the grey bar to move G729 to the top of the list. Exit out of settings by tapping the settings button.

8. Tap the phone button. You should see a "Phone Ready" button at the top of the screen. This means that you have set up your account successfully, and are ready to begin making calls.