How do I activate Call Waiting?

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You use this page to turn the Call Waiting service on or off.  This service allows you to decide whether phone calls in progress can be interrupted by other calls.
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NOTE:  This service is not available with all access device types.

Call Waiting can also be de-activated on a per-call basis.  To do this, on your telephone, dial * followed by the two-digit feature access code that has been assigned for this service.

To view the feature access code that was assigned by your group or system administrator, click on Feature Access Codes on the Utilities menu page.  See this article for more details How to view your Feature Access Codes via user WebPortal.  The codes are to the left of Call Waiting and Cancel Call Waiting and are preceded by an *, which must be dialed first.

From Your Loki User WebPortal

Call Waiting can also be activated or options can be changed using your web portal.




  1. Turn Call Waiting on or off.

Click On or Off.  When this service is on and you receive a call while taking another, you hear a beep.  You can put the first call on hold to answer the incoming call.

When this service is turned off, the caller hears a busy tone.  The default for this service is "On".

NOTE:  Call Waiting behavior may vary when used in conjunction with other services such as Shared Call Appearance and Call Forwarding Busy.


  1. Save your changes.

Click Apply or OK.  Apply saves your changes.  OK saves your changes and displays the previous page.

To exit without saving, select another page or click Cancel to display the previous page.

TitleHow do I activate Call Waiting?
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