How do I use the Epik Ticketing System?

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Welcome to the Epik Networks ticketing system. This article outlines the instructions on how to utilize the ticketing portal.

For all MAC (move, add, change) work and repair issues, please submit a ticket online via Client Self Service portal at You may follow up on a particular ticket by calling the Support Desk at 1-866-353-9333 (option *).

An Epik representative will add you as a user on our Ticketing System, and you'll receive a welcome email that will allow you to enter the ticketing system and create cases.

Here is a quick overview:

You will receive a welcome email that will allow you to enter the ticketing system and create cases.

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Once you click on the welcome link, you will be taken to a page that prompts you to create a password for your login:

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Upon logging in, you will be brought to the home page from which you can see your cases, create new ones, or navigate the knowledge tab for articles. 

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Click on the Knowledge tab to view and search for articles. 
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Click on the "New" button to start a new case.

Open Cases

On the next screen you will be directed to the New Case field. From here you will choose the Service Type, Case Group and Case Category, etc.. Please ensure you choose the categories most closely related to your request or issue, as this ensures that your request is processed in the appropriate priority order. 

Once the closet matching case categories are chosen, please enter a subject with a brief description of the issue. Enter in all details of your ticket. Please provide any details that may assist the technicians in troubleshooting your issue. The more details that are provided, the faster we can resolve your issue. Once you have entered all the details, please click on the SUBMIT button.

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Your case is now successfully submitted! A technician will be assigned to your case and you'll start to see updates. You may be redirected to the Suggested Articles knowledge base. These articles may be relevant to your issue and may assist you in resolving the issue without waiting for support assistance.  FYI our Epik Escalation Chart  can be viewed at this link..

To view currently open tickets:
Navigate to and enter your credentials.

The first screen you will see will show your cases and the knowledge article tab, with the default screen showing recently viewed cases.

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Click on the case number or subject you wish to update/view. You will be redirected to the case.

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If there are any comments or updates on the case, they will be shown under the Case Comments field. You will also receive an email with the newest update on the contact email provided. If you have any updates to provide the technician, please choose the Add Comment field (e.g. Issue is confirmed resolved, issue still occurring, etc). Please note you can also respond to the email sent to you with the ticket update in order to update the ticket. 

NOTE: The subject line MUST NOT be changed, as the subject is the unique identifier for your individual case. Responding to the ticket update email with a new subject will result in a new ticket being created. All emails will be shown under the Emails field, which will be at the bottom of the case.

To view closed tickets:
Step 1. Navigate to and enter your credentials.
Step 2. From the drop down list, choose 'All Closed Cases' and click on the case number or subject you wish to view.

Closed cases