What is Epik's cancellation policy?

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You may request to terminate all or part of your Epik Services by submitting a request ticket via the Epik Ticketing System (https://tickets.epiknetworks.comor by contacting the Epik Support Dept directly at 1.866.353.9333 (press 1).​  Be advised that Epik employees aren't authorized to make any termination requests on your behalf. You have to be listed as an Admin contact on the account.

In the event that you are terminating before the conclusion of the contract term, Customer shall be assessed an early termination charge. Such charge shall be the amount payable under the applicable Customer Order for the balance of the stated term, as outlined on our MSA. EPIK requires at least 60 days advance written notice, via an active open ticket, prior to month end for termination requests related to any Services (e.g., a termination request received on July 17 would result in a termination date of August 31).

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TitleWhat is Epik's cancellation policy?
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