Fail-over IP confirmation (using Customer Internet)

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IP Confirmation 
Please update the following IP info, Epik will use this to configure the failover using your Internet.
IP                                       :                            
Subnet Mask                    :
Gateway                           :
The requirements for configuring fail-over for voice services are as follows:
  • Customer must provide an Ethernet hand-off.
  • Customer must provide a (not in use) static public IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.
    • NAT (Network Address Translation) is not permitted and will not be used.
  • For traffic through a firewall, we require that the following be passed:
    • protocol 47 (GRE), icmp echo/reply, telnet (tcp/23) or ssh (tcp/22)
  • Customer will need to show the Ethernet hand-off port to Epik Tech during the installation.
Customer is required to follow these steps to confirm that the IP is reachable from the Internet, allowing it to be used for failover by Epik.
  1. Connect a Laptop to the Ethernet hand-off Port (it may be customer internet service provider device or customer firewall)
  2. Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections
  3. Right click on the Ethernet or LAN and select the properties
  4. Select Internet Protocol Version4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties
  5. Enter the IP address, subnet mask and gateway that you’ll be supplying Epik for failover, into the boxes and hit OK.

 User-added image

6.  Open a browser and go to the web site  

User-added image

7.  Identify the ip on the left bottom on the screen (red circle on the above screenshot , this must be the same ip that was configured at the Ethernet/LAN

8.  Go to web site
  1.                Select Ping, enter the ip and press GO!
  2.                Take a screen capture (print screen) and save it.
 User-added image
  1.                Select Trace, enter the ip and press GO!
  2.                Take a screen capture (print screen) and save it.
 User-added image

9. If you unable to reach the IP via ping or Trace, please check the firewall setting on your Firewall device. Make sure the ICMP traffic is allowed for the IP or you may turn off the firewall if required.

10. Send the IP info and the saved “Ping” and “Trace” screenshots to Epik.

11.  Epik will review and confirm if we are able to use the ip.  

TitleFail-over IP confirmation (using Customer Internet)
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