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The Go Integrator app for Epik Networks can be downloaded here.



The Epik Go Integrator Client software is supplied as an Internet download. It is a self-contained installer that contains the files needed to install a copy of Go Integrator Client.

It's available in two versions:
- Go Integrator “Lite”.
- Go Integrator “DB”.
* Epik Technicians must "enable" the Go Integrator and assign either the "Lite" or "DB" license on our systems for it to work. 
• Both versions offer the same basic functionality for call control, address book search, PPL, presence etc.
• Both versions provide integration into Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google Contacts.
* The “DB” version offers additional integration into CRMs (like and other applications. After you've installed Go Integrator, here are instructions on enabling the salesforce add-in. 


Before you start

 Before you start your installation please check that you have the following:

- A suitable computer to install the client 
- Your Epik Webportal username and password

*FYI, Epik clients are not required to enter the URL of the XSP Server address, as it's already included in the software!


Download and run the GoIntegratorInstall exe file, and follow the instructions.  The Go Integrator icon will appear in your computer system tray.
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When you first install Go Integrator Client, it takes you through an installation phase where you need to tell it your your login credentials or extension number. Your login credentials are the same credentials used to log into your Epik User WebPortal. If you're not sure about your log-in credentials please contact your administrator or Epik Support
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To enable Click-to-dial and dialing out from within Salesforce CRM or other apps, dialing needs to be configured correctly. Here is an article covering how to set-up dialing in Go Integrator.


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