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How to setup your Cisco 7970 phone to work at home (Broadworks users)​

                                        Cisco 7970
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If you're using Epik's Broadworks platform and would like to setup your Cisco IP phone 7970 at home, perform the following:

1 -Plug in the power adapter and Ethernet cable going to your router, wait for the phone to power up - press 'Settings'
2 -Press the Settings button on the telephone.
3 -Press 2 on the keypad to select Network Configuration.
4 -Press 24 on the keypad to select Alternate TFTP.
5 -If option 24, Alternate TFTP, is set to No, go to step 6. If it is set to Yes, go to step 7.
6 -Press * * # and then set to Yes. Do not press the Save soft key.
7 -Press 8 on the keypad to select TFTP Server 1.
8 -Press 'Edit', change to the TFTP server provided to you by Epik Networks (EAST Server Toronto: and WEST Server Vancouver: press ‘Validate’ and then press 'Save'.
If you do not see the Edit soft key, press * * #

Wait up to 10 more minutes, and the phone will come up.
You only need to go through the above procedure once per location. You can follow the same procedure to get the phone working anywhere else (i.e. somebody else's home, etc), basically anywhere you can connect to the internet through the Ethernet port.