How to Program and Use Speed Dial 8

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Speed Dial 8 allows you to set up to eight speed dial numbers that you can program using your phone with the feature access /star code or you can also do it using your own Loki Portal.

With this feature you can dial a speed dial code instead of the full number to place calls.  To use speed dial from the phone, you should dial the speed dial code number, and then press #.  For example, to call the number associated with Speed Dial Code 6, the user should dial 6#.

Speed Dial 8 has codes that start from 2 -9 (inclusive)      

Programming using your Phone:
Step 1: Enter the star / feature code *74 from your phone and you will hear 3 beeps
Step 2: You will then enter 2 and then the number you want to program on that code, ex: 4169217000
Step 3: You will then hear a prompt that will say “Speed Dial 8 has been programmed successfully”
Step 4: You will have to follow the same steps for each of the speed dial codes (2 – 9)
Step 5: To dial these programmed speed dials from your phone, you will pick up your handset/ press the speaker and just dial the code#, for example 2# will dial 6479989705

Tip: You can always login to your Loki User WebPortal and confirm what was programmed from the physical phone (screen shot attached)

User-added image

Programming using Loki User WebPortal (easier and quicker):
Step 1: Login to Loki portal
Step 2: Select the Group where the user is created
Step 3: Client on Calling Features
Step 4: Go to Outbound Calls > Speed Dial 8

User-added image
Step 5: Click Edit – enter the number and the number linked with the speed dial
Step 6: Press Save (at the bottom or up top)

TitleHow to Program and Use Speed Dial 8
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