How to setup Find-me-Follow-me /Sequential Ring

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Step 1: Login to your Loki WebPortal using your and password (same login and password as your UC-One)
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Step 2: Under the "Calling Features" tab, you'll find a drop down menu called Service Type. Select "Incoming Calls" from the drop down menu.
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Step 3: Scroll down to "Sequential Ring" and click the Edit button.
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*By default this feature is deactivated or OFF*

Step 4:  Add the phone number
you would like the call to be forwarded to (after it rings to your "Base Location") and the number of rings to that phone. Be sure to select "Use Base Location first".
*You can also enable this rule only for weekdays (see below)*
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Step 5:  Press save and you will see that Service is ON now.

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TitleHow to setup Find-me-Follow-me /Sequential Ring
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