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You can setup your Epik Polycom phone at home, or anywhere there is a wired high-speed internet connection.

To setup your Polycom phone (VVX) at home:
1.      Plug in the power adapter to a power source (unless PoE is used)
2.      Connect an Ethernet (CAT5 or CAT6) cable going to your home router to the LAN port of your phone
3.      Connect phone handset (and headset if needed):

User-added image

4.      Connect Stand, selecting an appropriate angle:

User-added image

5.     Connect camera (optional - for VVX 500/600):
User-added image
6.   Make sure DHCP is enabled on your router as the phone is pre-configured as a DHCP client.
7.   Phone will boot up and show expected extension(s) (usually in the top left corner of the screen)

-->Wait up to 5 more minutes, and the phone will boot up. If you don't see your extension (you may see a VVX label or something else), please contact our support team. Be ready to provide the MAC-address (What is a MAC Address?) of the phone located on the back.
--->You can follow the same procedure to get the phone working anywhere (i.e. somebody elses home, etc), as long as there's wired Internet connection. 

Please note: if this phone has already been booted up at your office (using Epik services), the phone would have already grabbed your office configs using DHCP option. Home users won't be able to do it, so we recommend to manually add provisioning server options on the phone while still connected to our network. If it hasn't been done or the phone has been shipped directly from the supplier, our support team would need remote access to a PC connected to same home network.

TitleHome Office: Polycom -- How to setup your Polycom phone to work at home (for Broadworks users)
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