M6 Web Portal Login (EN/FR)

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You can log into the Web Portal by Clicking HERE 

You must enter your phone number and then enter the password for your phone.

  • DID login - direct inward dial phone number (for example, 4695551234)
  • Non-DID login - main number "x" extension (for example, 4695552100x4321)(x is lower case)

French - If OS language set to French Canadian or if browser language is set to French Canadian, then browse to either or, you will see a french language version of the web portal. Please note that there is no a french language help section.

Remember Me - Checking this checkbox sets a cookie on your PC that will remember your login information. If you close the browser window that you are running Web Portal on, when you bring up Web Portal again in a new browser window, it will automatically log you in. The information is preserved for 3 days.

NOTE: If you enter the incorrect password 3 times, the system will lock your account. You must then ask your system administrator to unlock your account.

TitleM6 Web Portal Login (EN/FR)
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