M6 to Broadworks Migration: Access Mediation Server (AMS) Overview for SCCP (Cisco) phones

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The Access Mediation Server (AMS) is a server that enables support of Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP) devices that are commonly deployed and in use in many small, medium, and large enterprise environments and existing Epik M6 clients using Cisco phones, that wish to migrate to Epik's Broadworks platform 

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The AMS delivers support for SCCP devices on Epik's BroadWorks Platform with unmatched interoperability, back office capabilities, redundancy, and scalability, however there are some known limitations when using SCCP devices on our Broadworks platform: 

•     Speed Dial Buttons feature on your Cisco phone do not transfer to Broadworks. Abbreviated Speed Dials are still available.
•     All SCCP Add-On modules will not work on Broadworks.
•    Call Display (name and number) of external caller ID will not display if the call is transferred.
•    Users are not able to login or logout of Queue’s using the “Queue” button on the phone.
•    Hoteling feature works differently on Broadworks platform compared to M6
•    Accepting calls on multiple line appearances within Broadworks works differently from M6.

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These services are currently available:

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