Epik Mobile (USA) billing and features details

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Epik Mobile is available in the USA.

Epik MOBILE billing and additional features details
MSS billed at $0.01 /message.  
Voice CDMA Domestic Roaming Charge
If Epik provides automatic voice CDMA Roaming to Purchaser:  $0.10 per minute plus toll charges of $0.12 per minute and taxes, if applicable.  If Epik blocks voice CDMA Roaming:  $0.10 per minute, plus taxes if applicable, for voice CDMA Roaming calls completed on a Roaming switch.  Voice CDMA Roaming calls made or received in Puerto Rico:  $0.10 per minute, plus all other applicable charges such as taxes and surcharges.  Voice CDMA Roaming calls made or received in US Virgin Islands:  $0.22 per minute, plus all other applicable charges such as taxes and surcharges.

International Voice CDMA Roaming Rates
• Canada  $0.11  • Guam & Northern Mariana Islands  $0.16  • Mexico  $2.50
• All other countries (except Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands)    $1.65

CDMA Domestic Data Transport Roaming                                                         
Per MB Rate  • United States $0.30  •  Puerto Rico $0.50  • US Virgin Islands $0.50
CDMA International Data Transport Roaming
Per MB Rate  • Canada $0.45  • Guam & Northern Mariana Islands $0.50  • Mexico $1.50
• All Other Countries (except Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands) $3.00

 **Standard plan Includes 2500 M & M (Minutes or Mbps) / each user. The M & M's are pooled (shared) amongst all subscribers. Additional M & Ms are billed at $0.025 /each. 
 Standard Includes 1500 SMS messages / user / month pooled (shared) amongst all subscribers. Additional units are billed at $0.01 /message 
All plans include:
Call Waiting; Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking; Calling Number Delivery; Customer Originated Trace; Privacy; SMDI Message Desk; Third-Party MWI Control; Zone Calling Restrictions; LDAP Integration; Call Forwarding; Call Transfer; Three-Way Conference; Do Not Disturb; Call Pickup; Hunt Groups; Call Return; Speed Dial; Call Park; Busy Lamp Field; Shared Call Appearance; Instant Group Call; Call Notify; Hoteling; Custom Music on Hold option; Anonymous Call Rejection; Simultaneous & Sequential Ring; Selective Call Forwarding; Shared Call Appearance; Loki UserWebPortal; UC-One Integration; Outlook Integration; Voicemail.

Additional Features Included With Epik's UC-One App:
Instant Messaging; Presence; File Transfer; Video Calling; Contact Integration.

Optional Add-Ons Include:
Fax to Email; Meet-Me Conferencing; Auto Attendant; Call & Contact Centre; Call Recording.